cropped-151.jpgAicha (or Arushi Singh) is a poet who loves writing about anything to do with politics. Her poetry covers a myriad of themes including War, Craft, Womanhood, Mental illness, gentrification and much, much more. She also loves engaging in written works that have a research component and is currently working on a research paper that explores the theme of war in the poetry of Ocean Vuong.

Her poetry has appeared in magazines like Bitchin Kitsch, Cacti Fur, The Big Windows Review, Scarlet Leaf Review, Page and Spine, Ashvamegh and more. Her latest poems are forthcoming in Radius: Poetry from the Center to the Edge and Chiron Review. These works have appeared under her real name- Arushi Singh.

Aicha is also a student of literature and freelance book reviewer who is always open to exploring new and unconventional works.