there’s a thought i’ve lost for ever

or every thought I’ve lost forever

has been living under a rock


there’s a stream   a slippery stream of dreams

i’ve let them go   i let them slip through my fingers

but they linger somewhere in the


everything that disappears here

finds its place in a different galaxy or i’d like to believe


if today you decide to leave

your scent will linger

your blood painted      thinly traced along the whitewashed walls

and your skin will shift slowly in another place


we comfort ourselves  as  wavers faith

even the most dangerous predator


still lingers in oil and the love of american soil


you will stay

3 thoughts on “dinosaurs

  1. The highlight of my Saturday evening is reading you. I basically have you bookmarked on my browser, although your blog is a page I haven’t closed yet. Thank you for your amazing writing Arushi!

    Liked by 1 person

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