the murmur of peace

steps across the sky


unfazed   by the gunfire
and gunfire?
that is just another way to
die without trying
the murmur of war
silent in words   and impossible
to escape
you carry drones on your lids
so every time lift them
another life slides
the murmur of life
breathing   breathing
another son dies

24 thoughts on “murmur

  1. Your verse has such a unique aesthetic: It isn’t raw but not structured either, but perfectly suits your themes. I’ll admit that I was wary when I saw the images. You can deconstruct that statement! But then I read your About page and read your poetry. I’m glad I did.

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  2. Reblogged this on Fighting the dying light and commented:
    A poet whose work I admire. I’m glad she found my blog and I got the chance to read hers. And now I wait eagerly for each new post. Her approach to poetry is so unique and beautiful.


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