#metoo #mentoo

when i was 11, i learned to survive being “touched” by my cousin, who would later say he didn’t rmember doing so. 

when i was 12, i told the first person i was touched. i didn’t yet know the word for it. she went and told everybody that i had made out with my cousin. 

when i was 15, i got groped by a carpenter, and just moved on like nothing happened. 

when i was 19, i was assaulted by my first boyfriend.

the same year, i was raped by a classmate. in response, my boyfriend told me it was my fault and i was unpure.  many of my friends refused to believe it happened and he got away by saying that “she didn’t say no loud enough”. i was soon hospitalized in a mental ward. 

three weeks ago i tried to kill myself after i was groped by an auto driver. 

i was told it gets better. i never moved on. 

now i am 21. and i am here. and to everyone who has become a part of the #metoo movement, I love you. to those who do not  wish to speak out, I love you.

33 thoughts on “#metoo #mentoo

  1. I can’t like this. I just don’t know what to say. My father physically abused my mother and I. He ironically had me hospitalized two years ago after trying to assault me again. But he’s toned down now, and this is worse and terrible. I don’t know where you live, and it’s not polite to ask you. But if this is India, find a way and get out. You have a lot of potential and if you get the opportunity to study, go abroad. No place is idyllic but for a writer like you to evolve, and get the recognition you deserve the east might not be the place. I hope I’m not preachy. My view is biased, and I apologize, but this is distressing.

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  2. Well done! You’ve survived. I was raped and managed to build a normal relationship with my partner. So keep on walking! Proud of you!

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  3. You are incredibly strong and such an inspiration. I hope and pray that you never experience such bad things again. I suggest you carry a pepper spray with you, I do the same.

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  4. This was so brave of you to share. I admire your strength and courage. You are truly an inspiration for those of us who have been scarred by such experiences. Thank you so much for sharing this. 🙂

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  5. What do I say, words fail me. I’m sorry on behalf of the male sex, inadequate as that is. I’m impressed by your ability to face it and talk about it. I’m hoping things change, although I’m pretty sure they won’t. And I’m praying that you are able to live life on your terms. Bless you, and all others who’ve been subjected to this torment.

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  6. I am so glad you and other women (and men) who have had to endure these kinds of experiences are speaking up and writing about their experiences as well. The more we acknowledge that this kind of behavior is unacceptable, and the more people are able to come forward and share their pain, the more we can create a world where this is no longer tolerated or ignored. Thank you.

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  7. I truly believe that to acknowledge such trauma is to give the devil a name; stare him right in the eye and say “no more”. As a child you couldn’t be expected to even know what was going on – such are the ways of innocence and trust.
    I’m horrified you had to experience all this.
    Truly. I want to let you know how my gut aches right now, but also my heart is bursting. I want to come over and give you a big hug and we can both say “no more”. You can come out of the shadows and welcome the bright sun of your art, talent and future dreams xx

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      1. That’s just the loveliest response. I should be smiling but I’m feeling so emotional after reading your post. It’s a mixture of frustration and an outpouring of affection for you.

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  8. As one of the bloggers said he didn’t want to like this post, so do I. But I liked the courage and determine you have in you after going through all this turmoil in your life. Believe in you and don’t believe what other say about you. You rise from the ashes and conquer your life. You don’t need cruches to survive.More strength to you Arushi.


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